Fibroscan Machine Price

Why Radiology Centers Should Not Care About High FibroScan Machine Prices

FibroScan is an FDA-approved technology that is used to perform millions of non-invasive liver examinations every year, all across the globe. The FibroScan device emits small pulses of energy that can travel through a patient’s liver. The speed of this journey can be used to determine the stiffness, fat levels, and overall health of the patient’s liver.

FibroScan technology has the potential to make liver testing quicker, painless, and free from post-op complications. That is why the FibroScan machine price is a hot topic of debate in radiology centers across the globe. In this article, we will explore whether FibroScan machine prices are justified.

Are FibroScan Machine Prices Justified?

FibroScan machine prices vary based on the location of the sale and the features included. Here are the overall costs of acquiring, maintaining, and operating this machine:

  • While the upfront cost of a FibroScan machine may seem high, it can potentially lead to cost savings over time.
  • To operate FibroScan machines, radiologists also have to undergo specialized training. Thankfully, the training process is pretty easy and most radiologists don’t need too much time to learn how to perform transient elastography with the machine.

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So, are these costs justified? Depends on how a radiology center uses the machine to earn the money back. In an ideal scenario, a diagnostic center will quickly recoup all of these costs in the form of:

  • Increased Patient Volume: Every year, approximately 50 million people across the world suffer from liver-related ailments. Chronic liver disease is extremely common and radiology centers that offer FibroScan tests can attract many more patients than they usually do. That’s because FibroScan is a pain-free and non-invasive procedure that is a million times more preferable than a traditional liver biopsy. Just one FibroScan machine can drastically boost a diagnostic center’s patient volume and revenue-generating capacity.
  • Higher Reimbursement Rates: The reimbursement rates for non-invasive elastography procedures are significantly higher than the rates for traditional liver biopsies. That’s because elastographies performed by FibroScan machines are risk-free and highly accurate. High reimbursement rates mean that radiology centers can receive more money for their services, from insurance companies.
  • Competitive Advantage: Radiology centers that offer cutting-edge technologies like FibroScan and ultrasound automatically have a competitive advantage over centers that don’t offer such amenities.
  • Increased Referrals: A high-quality FibroScan machine will deliver accurate and satisfying assessments of a patient’s liver. The more satisfied the patient, the more referrals the radiology center will receive from other healthcare providers.

These are just some of the direct financial perks of investing in a FibroScan. However, there are several other indirect perks as well. For example, reimbursement rates for radiology services have been on a sharp decline in recent years. A FibroScan machine is an investment that comes with guaranteed perks like improved reimbursement rates and increased referrals.

In conclusion, we’d like to say that yes FibroScan machine prices are definitely justified. These machines can take radiology services to another level and guarantee better outcomes for patients struggling with liver conditions!

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