Portable Fibroscan Machine Cost

Non-Portable vs Portable FibroScan Machine Costs: Which Machine is More Cost-Effective?

A FibroScan machine is a diagnostic device that leverages ultrasound technology to evaluate liver stiffness and fatty content: two of the main markers of liver fibrosis. Liver fibrosis is the abnormal buildup of scar tissue in the liver. These buildups are triggered by all types of chronic liver diseases including hepatitis C, B, alcoholic liver disease, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

In other words, all patients with chronic liver issues have to get tested for fibrosis. FibroScan is a non-invasive and non-surgical diagnostic technique that can be extremely helpful to all such patients. Unlike traditional liver biopsy which involves the manual removal of liver tissues, FibroScan is a safe, risk-free, and painless procedure that can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes.

These tests are typically performed in radiology clinics and hospitals. But, now with portable versions of the FibroScan machines, healthcare experts can perform these tests in primary care settings as well. In this article, we will review this relatively new portable version of the FibroScan machine.

But, are portable FibroScan machine costs justified? Are these machines more cost-effective than their non-portable counterparts? Let’s answer all of these questions in detail so that people or organizations that are planning to buy these diagnostic tools know what they’re in for.

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Understanding Portable FibroScan Machine Cost

Non-portable and portable FibroScan machine costs will vary depending on the manufacturer, location of purchase, model, and features. Portable FibroScan machine costs are on the lower end of this spectrum whereas fixed FibroScan machines cost slightly more.

The main point of difference between non-portable and portable FibroScan machines is of course mobility. While both machines provide non-invasive evaluations of liver stiffness, portable FibroScan machines can be easily transported and used in different locations. Here are some other key differences between non-portable and portable FibroScan machines:

Here is a detailed table summarizing the key differences between portable and non-portable FibroScan machines:


Portable FibroScan Machine

Non-portable FibroScan Machine


Small, sleek, and mobile


Typically, larger and fixed to the wall.

Ideal for

Primary care center screenings.

Can also be used in multiple locations.

Fixed locations such as hospitals or radiology clinics.


Quick, non-invasive, and pain-free assessments of liver stiffness, fatty content, and other liver health-related parameters.

Quick, non-invasive, and pain-free assessments of liver stiffness, fatty content, and other liver health-related parameters.


Its differ company to company. Lower than Non-portable FibroScan Machine

Cost higher than Portable FibroScan Machine

Operation &


Potentially lower consumable costs per test.

Slightly higher consumable costs per test.


Requires a trained operator for accurate interpretation of the results.

Requires a trained operator for accurate interpretation of the results.


So, which of the two machines is more cost-effective? It depends on the specific needs of the healthcare facility! Portable machines are small, cheaper, and mobile. So, they’re ideal for primary care center screenings. Non-portable machines are larger, non-mobile, and best suited for hospitals or radiology clinics where they can serve reliably for long periods. 

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