Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (AWR)

Why Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (AWR) is Taking Over the World of Hernia Treatment

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (AWR) is a surgical procedure that involves repairing/replacing weak spots in the abdominal wall tissue. It is an emerging subspecialty within general surgery and is widely viewed as the ideal technique for repairing a wide range of hernia defects. Here’s why Abdominal Wall Reconstruction (AWR) is generating so much buzz in the world of hernia treatment.

Faster and More Efficient Than Age-Old Hernia Repair Techniques

Unlike traditional hernia repair techniques, AWR can be used to repair complex hernia defects of all sizes. These surgeries also don’t involve the use of costly meshes or implants and they are minimally invasive. AWR surgeries can be performed with laparoscopic, robotic-assisted, or open methods.

Regardless of the method, AWR surgeons are only performed by highly experienced surgeons: not general surgeons. These surgeons are likelier to achieve high levels of surgical precision and quality with these methods.

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Better Outcomes

The goal of AWR surgery for hernia treatment is to re-position and reconstruct the damaged musculofascial layers in the abdomen wall. AWR surgeons carefully separate all the layers of the abdominal wall and slide them back into their natural positions. They may reinforce these structures with surgical mesh if the abdominal muscle is not strong enough and needs support.

Either way, in AWR surgery there is always a strong emphasis on reconstructing the musculofascial layers in the abdominal wall. These layers are key for safeguarding the abdominal contents and preserving the functionality of the abdomen.

So, patients don’t just leave with their hernias treated. They leave with strong abdominal walls that can benefit their health in many different ways. For example, strong abdominal walls can optimize the functions of their spines and keep age-related issues like back pain at bay.

Better All-Round Care

During the procedure, surgeons have to pay a lot of attention to every skin cell and subcutaneous tissue in this region of the patient’s body. Meticulous postoperative management is also a key part of AWR surgery. Hernia patients are kept under strict observation for several hours right after the surgery.

Before leaving, they receive a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all dimensions of their condition. This all-around care that patients receive during AWR surgery boosts their chances of speedier recoveries.

Bonus Benefit: The quicker patients recover, the less they have to spend at the hospital. In other words, AWR also has the potential to make the cost of hernia surgery more manageable for patients!

Faster and Healthier Recovery

Like with all minimally invasive procedures, post-surgery recovery is much quicker. In the past, hernia patients would stay in the hospital for 3-4 days and leave with huge scars on their bodies. After AWR surgeries patients leave with very small scars and their average hospital stay is less than 1-2 days.

Final Take

AWR is a procedure that can treat complex hernias and reinstate the structural integrity of the patient’s abdominal muscles in a fast and risk-free manner. The top AWR surgeons also invest a lot of time in pre-operative patient screening and postoperative patient management. These efforts further improve the quality of AWR surgeries and make them more appealing to hernia patients! 

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