Echosens Fibroscan Liver Machine

Exploring the Most Popular Echosens FibroScan Liver Machines of All Time

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified the Echosens™ FibroScan liver machine in 2013, Back then, there were only 1800 FibroScan devices in existence worldwide. Ten years later, the FDA drastically expanded the indications for Echosens™ FibroScan liver machines. Now, this diagnostic instrument can be used for screening liver conditions in pregnant patients and individuals with active implants. That’s a glowing testament to the safeness and effectiveness of FibroScan machines.

  • In 10 years, this pioneering technology has become a mainstay in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of all types of chronic liver disease.
  • FibroScan is widely viewed as an evidence-based, elastography instrument that can quickly, safely, and non-invasively evaluate liver stiffness and liver fat levels. 
  • These qualities make the Echosens™ FibroScan liver machine ideal for use in primary care settings where there is a dearth of healthcare experts.

These machines are very easy to use, interpret, and maintain. Plus, some of the newer models are 100% mobile. They can be transported to different locations and used to accurately and reliably evaluate liver fibrosis in multiple patients. Each test takes less than 10-15 minutes. So, you can imagine just how many of these tests can be performed at a radiology clinic in one day!

In this article, we will explore some of the most commonly used FibroScan liver machines and try to understand what differentiates them.

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Most Popular Echosens™ FibroScan Liver Machines of All Time

FibroScan Pro by Echosens

When it comes to non-invasive evaluation of liver health, the original FibroScan Pro by Echosens is still the industry standard. It uses ultrasound and shear wave technology to provide highly accurate assessments of liver stiffness and fat levels. Plus, it has been adopted by thousands of hospitals, radiology clinics, and primary care centers all across the world.

FibroScan GO

This is a state-of-the-art, non-invasive device that can measure shear wave velocity. The shear wave velocity is directly linked to liver tissue stiffness. The weaker the tissue, the slower the shear wave propagates.

The FibroScan GO can give accurate readings on tissues as small as 1 cm in diameter and 15-75 mm in depth.  Hence, the FibroScan GO can be used to perform Vibration Controlled Transient Elastography (VCTE).

It is a form of elastography where shear wave velocity is measured to accurately predict the severity of liver fibrosis, in all patients but especially in children. Children’s liver tissues are very small in size but the FibroScan GO can give accurate liver stiffness measurements (LSMs) in such patients.

FibroScan HANDY®

As the name suggests, this Echosens™ FibroScan liver machine is portable and the first of its kind. Thanks to its mobility and ease of use, it has become immensely popular in primary care centers. The FibroScan HANDY has the potential to make high-quality liver screening easily accessible.

Other members of the “FibroScan family of products” include the 430 Mini+, 502 Touch, and 530 Compact. All of these devices are extremely effective at revealing the true extent and nature of underlying chronic liver diseases! 

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