Steady fascial retraction is a common problem in treatment of the open abdomen. fasciotens®Abdomen applies tension to the abdominal wall and can thus prevent fascial retraction, increase intra-abdominal volume and reduce intra-abdominal pressure. fasciotens®Abdomen thus supports the stabilisation of critically ill patients, enabling direct, early closure of the open abdomen.
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The medical problem

The creation of an open abdomen is often a necessary and life-saving measure as a last resort. However, opening of the abdominal wall also marks the beginning of steady fascial retraction, which often makes closure of the abdominal wall difficult or impossible as a result. Therefore, treatment of the open abdomen requires the use of all available means to close the abdomen quickly.

The solution: fasciotens®Abdomen

fasciotens®Abdomen achieves the best possible results if it is used immediately after the open abdomen has been created.
fasciotens®Abdomen applies vertical traction to the fascia and can thus prevent fascial retraction, increase intra-abdominal volume and reduce intra-abdominal pressure. These three effects accelerate closure and increase the rate of closure. However, the patient is not the only one to benefit from the use of fasciotens® Abdomen. Fewer revisions, a shorter hospital stay and better utilisation of DRGs also enable the hospital to make savings. fasciotens®Abdomen lends itself to combination with other therapies (e.g. vacuum therapy) and can also be integrated easily into the nursing routine on the ICU.


Shorten treatment time, save costs.

Compared to the previous procedure, in which the retraction of the fascia was accepted, there are various medical and financial advantages in the use of fasciotens®Abdomen. With the previous procedure, there is a steady increase of the fascia distance in the course of the treatment period. Only after the edema has receded can the recovery of the abdominal wall be started. By using fasciotens®Abdomen directly during the creation of the open abdomen, on the other hand, the fascia retraction is prevented and the abdominal wall is already stretched during the time of the oedema, so that the abdomen can be closed directly after the oedema has receded. The cost saving of fasciotens®abdomen results from
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