Fibroscan Liver Test

FibroScan Liver Test Results Simplified: How to Read FibroScan Reports

The FibroScan liver test is a non-invasive diagnostic test that is recommended for patients suffering from all types of chronic liver disease. This test involves the use of a special ultrasound technology called “shear wave elastography.”

Shear waves are sound waves that can travel through the liver tissues and accurately reveal the stiffness and fatty changes in a patient’s liver. These precise measurements help healthcare providers better understand and treat the underlying liver disease.

In this article, we will teach you how to interpret FibroScan liver test results on a basic level. Of course, only a professional healthcare provider can use the FibroScan liver test report to recommend medications or treatment courses.

But, having a basic understanding of FibroScan liver test results is vital, especially if the patient is tackling a chronic, long-term liver ailment.

Key Terms You Will Find in Your FibroScan Liver Test Result

On a standard FibroScan liver test result, you will find scores assigned to different categories. The main categories are:

Here is a FibroScan liver test result chart that includes the categories mentioned in the question as well as additional information from the search results:

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Describes the amount of scarring in the liver. A high score indicates severe liver scarring.

Kilopascals (kPa)

Liver Stiffness

Describes the stiffness of the liver caused by the liver scarring. Higher stiffness means more scarring.

Kilopascals (kPa)

Fatty Change

Describes the amount of abnormal fat buildup in the liver.



Steatosis is a condition caused by having too much fat buildup in the liver.

In this chart, steatosis will be graded based on the % of the liver that has undergone a severe fatty change.

A high % indicates severe fatty change.

Grade (S1, S2, and S3)

CAP Score

Describes the total amount of fat in the liver.

Higher scores indicate severe fatty change.



How to Interpret These Results

Fibrosis and Liver Stiffness

Your fibrosis and liver stiffness results will be measured in kilopascals (kPa). A normal score for the liver stiffness test is anything between 2-7 kPa. People with chronic liver disease score higher in this category. The healthcare provider will use the liver stiffness test score to assign a fibrosis score. This score can range from no-to-mild scarring to advanced liver scarring (liver cirrhosis).

Fatty Change

Fat buildup in the liver can happen for various reasons, such as obesity, diabetes, alcohol abuse, and certain medications. A high fatty change score (dB/m) indicates that there has been a sharp upsurge in liver fat buildup in recent months.

Steatosis and CAP Score

A high steatosis grade will indicate whether the patient suffers from steatosis: the condition where there is too much fat buildup in the liver. The steatosis grade will be based on the CAP score which will indicate the total amount of fat in the liver.

A CAP score below 238 dB/m indicates that the amount of fatty change in the patient’s liver is not severe. Anything higher than that is considered abnormal. There are three steatosis grades S1, S2, and S3 with S3 being the most severe.

If you or a loved one has recently undergone a FibroScan liver test, you can expect to receive the test report in 2-3 days. Use this guide to decipher the report! 

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