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Olivine International is a privately held company established in 1992 and is a leading marketeer of Medical Equipment in India and neighbouring SAARC countries. We continue to incorporate new ideas and modernisation efforts whilst drawing simultaneously on the experience, industry knowledge, and customer loyalty built over the years. With the strength of seasoned sales representatives, experienced technical engineers, and operational staff, we carry our daily operation consisting of sales and marketing, service repairs, and maintenance support related to hardware/software to institutions and healthcare establishments.
Our clients encompass Government Institutions, Private Customers, and Corporate Hospitals who diligently invite our business for on-going and upcoming projects in India. We correspond with all the states across India and take pride in being involved PAN India. We have also made supplies to SAARC countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan, a market we developed by virtue of sales & maintenance services at competitive prices. Our USP is our product portfolio boasting of specialised, niché equipment and technology. We feel elevated that our support & service department has duly completed the installation and training of 100+ sophisticated medical devices, moving precisely towards their next milestone. Furthermore, to render consistent quality and to provide our customers with extra assurance, our company abides under the ISO 9001 quality system.

Our core values in the healthcare industry


We believe in a LEADERSHIP style where we vest power and authority on our associates/employees and mentor their expertise in decision making. Similarly, GROWTH is our prime strategy and very crucial for us in all sectors, be it our product portfolio, network & operations, or even talent development. GROWTH is a prime strategy.


Operations in the healthcare industry have a direct impact on the health and welfare of the citizens and community at large. Our foremost priority is to give genuine OEM devices and provide patent certifications when applicable. Upholding our INTEGRITY & ETHICS, we never deal in counterfeit products or dummy technology that puts public life at risk and has adverse consequences.


INNOVATION has become a customary procedure across all industries due to the collaboration of engineering technologies and the internet, mutually stimulating ADVANCEMENT. We do our part by providing only world-class devices & avant-garde technology, developing a niché marketing strategy.


Being in the healthcare industry for 25+ years we understand the pedestal that healthcare professionals are positioned on due to their noble and honourable profession. Consequently, for CUSTOMER SERVICE & RELATIONSHIP we offer assistance & support around the clock and are willing to go beyond the call of duty for our healthcare army.

Scope of Future Expansion

We participate in major medical conferences organised in India to be an active part of the market segment and the developing trends. Also, to bring back world-class devices and technology from more developed nations, we duly attend exhibitions and fairs worldwide.
The modern age of engineering advancement and the internet of things have made innovations a standing operating procedure for survival. Our industry experience, established network, and entrepreneurial foresight have positioned us to take advantage of additional opportunities in the growing healthcare sector of India. To promote and market breakthrough technologies and also provide exceptional purchase experience in the healthcare segment constitutes an on-going process.

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