Previously, in order to close complex hernias, time-consuming abdominal wall reconstruction procedures were required. fasciotens®Hernia makes it possible to stretch the abdominal wall intraoperatively in approx. 30 minutes via standardised,controlled traction.
Thanks to the (CE-)certified fasciotens®Hernia, a mean gain in length of approx. 10 cm can be achieved with maximum preservation of tissue, which makes it possible to preserve the integrity of the abdominal wall and to close the hernia directly and safely.1)

1) Niebuhr et al, Front. Surg. 2021 (7): 616669; doi: 10.3389/fsurg.2020.616669

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Description of the medical problem

Previously, complex hernias could often only be closed using extensive and complicated reconstructive procedures. However, these procedures can often weaken the abdominal wall and lead to increased long-term morbidity.

The solution: fasciotens®Hernia

Safety thanks to…

fasciotens®Hernia has been developed to close complex hernias (> 8 cm) directly and without the need for time-consuming abdominal wall reconstruction procedures. The anatomical integrity (of the abdominal wall) is respected and specific complications of other procedures are avoided.
fasciotens®Hernia is a CE-certified medical device that provides the patient and surgeon with the highest degree of application safety via quantifiable, intraoperative and uniform fascial traction for about 30 minutes.
fasciotens®Hernia is conveniently and safely attached to the operating table in conjunction with fasciotens® Carrier.

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