Mcginley Orthopaedic Innovations

What is IntelliSense Drill Technology®?

There is now an innovative and patented technology that assists surgeons in the drilling process that could change the standard of care for the better. It is called IntelliSense Drill Technology®. This innovative HandHeld Robotic technology uses multiple sensors to automatically stop the drilling process once the bone has been penetrated. It senses depth and provides the surgeon with a precise and accurate depth measurement automatically. Which further helps in deciding on the screw size. The IntelliSense Drill Technology® could improve outcomes, lower cost, and save time in common orthopedic surgeries.
Sizing: IntelliSense Drill displays the depth of drilling, accurate to tenths of a millimeter. Which means your surgeon can better choose the correct screw size. It could eliminate “too long” or “too short” screws.
Plunging: Surgeons currently use their “feel” to stop on the far side of the bone. IntelliSense Drill automatically stops the drill motor upon breach of the desired cortex. Which may help ensure that critical structures past the bone are not damaged.

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